May 27 – try for Fatu Hiva

Once we got past Tahuata island we hit lots of wind and rain.  It’s common to have strong wind in the channels between islands but this was over the top.  It was a wild ride of high wind and waves pushing Chesapeake on her rail.   So we got pounded by high winds and swells.  My fear and anxiety went through the roof.  I was sure we were going to be knocked over.  We both agreed the weather wasn’t permitting us to head SE so we turned around and sailed all night to the closest island, Ua Pou pronounced wa-poo.  We arrived at 3am and had to coast back and forth until daybreak.  We dropped the anchor in Hakatao Bay at 8am.  Exhausted, we just napped and read while it rained and didn’t sleep that night because it was so rolly and windy – one of the worst anchorages we’ve been in.  We left early next morning and had a nice sail to Taio Hae Bay at Nuku Hiva.

we never did get to see the top of the spire because of the clouds.  this island is known for it’s tall peaks resembling a crown.

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