May 26-27 – from Hiva Oa to Tahuata

We enjoyed Hiva Oa but it’s time to leave.  The highlight was eating hot baguettes and brie in the back of a pickup truck on our way to Puamau Valley archeological site with two other couples.  Wifi is $$$$. We signed up for 5 hours but can’t get a connection.  It’s a long walk from the marina into town and an even longer walk back with full bags of groceries.  Stern anchoring for us was a bit of a nightmare.  Our final night Jim had to reset the anchor repeatedly to no avail.  Fortunately the boats on either side of us had left earlier in the day so we had plenty of swing room.  The cold water shower at the dinghy dock was a real treat after 20 days at sea.

Anchor was up at noon and we arrived in Hane Moe Noa, Tahuata Island at 3pm.  We shared this big bay with about 7 other boats for a relaxing overnight stay.  Rocky cliffs, palm tree beaches and turquoise water were a spectacular backdrop for this wind tunnel – but no bugs.  We enjoyed swimming around the boat and Jim repaired the mainsheet line.  We thought we could sail to Fatu Hiva, but …

one of the bays we visited on  our day tour – you can see the supply ship

and another beautiful bay

if my memory is still in tact i think this is the second largest tiki

our tour guide, ann-marie, knocking down a pamplemousse for us to try

not a great shot, but it gives you an idea of how enormous these grapefruit really are.   and delicious.

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