June 17 – Papeete and walking the plank

We arrived in Papeete about 10am after taking an hour to cross through the channel in front of the airport landing strip.  This included permission to pass from the control tower and a brief wait for a jet to land.  We managed our first med tie mooring at Marina Taina with help from the staff.  Now we’re wedged between 2 boats, Niña and Pipistrelle, with a bow anchor and 2 springs lines from the quay (sea wall).  Folks are very friendly here–good thing since we’re almost a handshake apart.  A thick wooden plank is our bridge to shore–daunting with arms full and surge moving us about.  I hate it.

there are no pictures of me on the plank.  but to give you an idea here’s Rosemary working on her boat, Nina, next door.  that long piece of narrow plank is difficult to navigate if you’re tired or had one too many drinks.

Marina Tiana where all the big boats come

the Notre Dame cathedral in downtown

some of the local guys hanging out

apple, mushroom, goat cheese crepe, yum!

promoting the newest orangina drink

this was the first time i’ve eaten in a parking lot next to a highway.  roulettes are very popular here – those trucks that cook up tasty meals.

sunset on the way to the roulettes with Moorea in the background.

more to come.

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