water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

so here’s the saga.  yes we left santa cruz yesterday at 11:45am – ahead of schedule!!  great wind sailing 7+ kts and it was a beautiful day.  our water tanks were low.  we had problems with the watermaker in isabella and again in santa cruz but we thought we could fix the problem once we started on our way to the marquesas.  Jim spent all afternoon working on the stupid thing with no positive results.  at sunset we had to make the hard decision to turn around and head to shore.  looking at maybe 3 weeks in open ocean with little water was not an option.  we opted to sail back to san cristobal because the anchorage is much calmer than santa cruz.  we arrived at 8:30am but it took an hour to anchor in the crowded harbor.  now i’m camped out in the internet cafe while Jim has gone back to the boat to try a suggestion from some cruisers sitting next to me here.  they had the same problems with their watermaker.  i’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s an easy fix and we can continue on our way.

gas prices look good here don’t they?  that’s for locals (it’s subsidized).  we pay $5 a gallon.  ouch!

if it’s not one thing it’s another

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