tunnels that aren’t really tunnels

pretty much all of the galapagos is considered national park.  for that reason, we are not allowed to venture onto land outside of “downtown”  villamil (isabella) where we anchored.  well actually we’re not allowed to go anywhere without a guide except the dock where we take our dinghy or places within an easy walk of the downtown square.  this is true of all the islands that we can visit.  of course i was disappointed to hear i couldn’t use my kayak.  so we signed up for a couple tours to the tourist places.  first up was the tunnels which are lava tubes that have worn away to create bridges.  it was an hour ride in a fast-moving panga that jim called a kidney-destroying ride.  it was great fun to surf the huge waves into the tranquil area where we could walk around the tunnels and then eventually snorkle in somewhat murky water.

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