tortoise and iguanas and rain oh my

the darwin center (on santa cruz) is FREE and a short walk from the center of town.  here is where we were able to see the most land tortoises.  and the most unusual iguanas.  it’s a beautiful center, well organized and labeled and we could get right up next to the tortoises but couldn’t touch them.  the iguanas were in large open compounds not accessible but we could gawk.  because we’re here during the wet season we get to experience many rain showers each day.  no need to shower on the boat so much as we’re sure to get rinsed off during one of the downpours.  it also lowers the temperature briefly, which feels great.  unfortunately as soon as it stops raining the mosquitoes come out and the humidity climbs.

front foot

he’s the bully

but he’s not taking any flack

Conolophus subcristatus (say that three times!)

on the walk back into town a preening great blue heron

and then there were a few pelicans hanging out and i just couldn’t resist

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