bike ride of tears

it was supposed to be the bike ride to see the wall of tears on isabella.  jim and i haven’t had a lot of exercise lately AND jim had just recovered from heat exhaustion when we arrived in isabella last saturday.   more on that in a future post.  we thought we got an early start by renting the bikes at 9:30am but isabella is hot and humid and we are old and out of shape.  i have to say it was a lovely ride.  initially.  the mixed lava/sand path gave way to a sandy path along the beach.  beautiful enormous empty white sand beaches with turquoise waves rolling in.  a cool breeze.  then into the mangroves we rode.  then up and down further into the mangroves.  over cute little wooden bridges.  we kept going.  a couple rode past.  no problem we can do this.  the heat started to reflect back into our faces.  another couple passed us by.  jim started walking his bike.  i pulled off into a tiny bit of shade.  jim sat on a bench while i photographed a cemetary.  we continued on.  the sign said 5km.  the first km went by quickly.  oh sure we can do this.  jim again walked his bike.  my eyes teared up with salt from my sweaty face.  i pulled into a shady spot and sat on a rock.  surely we must be close.  where the #$%^&  is that wall anyway.  we saw couple #1 way up on a hill.  the stairs.  oh the stairs.  no way.  we turned around and headed back.

one of the many land iguanas during our ride

shortly after getting on the path by the beach we saw this nice shady spot that looks out at the ocean.  we were fresh and feeling positive about the ride.

this is what heat exhaustion looks like and it feels a whole lot worse

during one of my many rest stops i saw this marine iguana coming out for a siesta

you’ll note there are no shots of the wall.

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