great breakfast in santa cruz

we arrived in santa cruz, galapagos, just before sunset yesterday.  it was an uneventful 8-hour  motorsail from isabella with a little rain and almost no wind.  we dropped the anchor as the sun was setting and before too many mosquitoes got us.  of course it’s hot and humid.  we were up 6:30am to pack away the dinghy as we won’t be using it until we get to the marquesas.  water taxi service here is very efficient and 50¢/person.  we got to the saturday mercado by 8:30, then the supermercado and finally breakfast at cafe lago.  it was a fabulous breakfast of fruit salad, eggs, pancake, cafe, fresh whizzed juice all for $5.  ecuador uses the dollar.  finally back to the boat with our bounty.  then we dropped the laundry off and now we’re at the internet cafe, all before noon.  unfortunately i don’t have any pictures of the amazing mercado because i was too busy looking for veggies and fruit.

while we were packing up the dinghy this morning there was a fish broil under our boat and we watched sea lions, pelicans and small sharks feeding.  snakes in costa rica, sea lions and penguins in isabella and now sharks in santa cruz.  what’s next?

when we left san cristobal, that cute female sea lion on the back of the boat was a very respectful guest.  here are pictures of her at rest and as she left.

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