who turned up the humidity?

it was a beautiful sail from peru and we only had to motor the final day or so.  weather was fabulous until we got to san cristobal.  water temp is 90, the sun is scortching and the humidity is 100%.  periodic rain makes us scramble to close the hatches and just after the sun has set we have to stay inside because of the mosquitoes.  ah yes, the cruising life.  stuck inside a hot box as the light dims.

i wrenched my back coming in to anchor and had to spend a couple days horizontal.  i’m living on ibuprofen and jim gets to nap a lot in-between opening and closing the hatches from frequent downpours.  we’re reading a lot, playing jotto and enjoying our ice cold peruvian watermelon.

sealions are everywhere here, just like the dogs of peru.  they lounge on benches, haul themselves into dinghies and boat scoops.  we took a taxi up to the tortoise hatcheries and saw junco, the volcano lake full of fresh water.  our plan is to leave tomorrow and motor over to isabela for the bulk of our time here, then a quick stop at santa cruz and back here to san cristobal before we head to the marquesas.

one of the big boys hanging out

the humidity gets to everyone

i know just how he feels

indulging in my foot obsession

one of the big guys in the preserve

there’s something about the feet….

the hike up to junco was pertty far but gave us a beautiful view of the island.  this is looking back down at a lake, and the little white dot on the left is the truck/taxi waiting for us.

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