happy mouth at Saqra

last night we had one of the best meals ever in peru.  it’s a new restaurant in miraflores called Saqra, and they serve fusion dishes with local foods.  i wish i could have taken the menu with me to remember what we ate.  my descriptions will be limited.  oh and the photos are not great, certainly no reflection of how delicious it all tasted.

ONE of the desserts was this incredible rice and cream like sorbet mixture with a crust of white chocolate that forms a ball.  oh wow.  and they painted some kind of gold something on the plate.

someone ordered this, a trout something or other with a great presentation.   it tasted much better than this picture shows here

we ordered a layered vegetable lasagna like i’ve never seen before.  thin slices of eggplant layered with other veggies and queso fresco which is a spongy cheese you can grill and doesn’t get greasy.

one of the salads had hearts of palm shaved and layered on top with a tasty sour-like dressing

this is called a cappuccino hongo.  the bottom is a mushroom sort of soup and the topping is pappas or kind of loose mashed potatoes.  when you dig down to the bottom to pull up the base you get this infusion of flavors that incredible.

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