looking over my shoulder in chucuito

coming and going through la punta and chucuito on the buses, i’ve made mental notes of what i’ve wanted to photograph.  i thought i could just walk around these areas doing what i love, capturing the moment with my camera. yet when jim and i went for a photo walk yesterday, i felt vulnerable, fearing my camera would be stolen.  jim came along as my bodyguard but i still kept looking over my shoulder and couldn’t shake the feeling of danger.  i’ve been warned so many times when i pull out my point-and-shoot that it will get ripped from my hands.  when we’ve driven through callao windows are rolled up and doors are locked because of its reputation.  and i wanted to walk around chucuito (which borders callao) on a little photo shoot.  oh sure.    we take so much for granted at home in the States–the simple act of taking pictures, or just carrying our camera.

a glimpse of our walk yesterday.


One thought on “looking over my shoulder in chucuito

  1. Today Byron helped me pick out house colors. None of these color combinations occurred to me…..

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